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Garage services in Bradford

What could be wrong with your vehicle?

Something wrong with your car?

Let's have a look for you

At Tyre n Autocare Ltd, we provide a broad range of garage services to help you discover and address any issues you have with your car. Whether it's trouble with your brakes, clutch, gear or anything else, we can help you fix it, so that you can go back to enjoying your car at its best.

Have your vehicle repaired by professionals

Having dealt with cars for the better part of 20 years, we've acquired a wealth of skills and experience, all of which will go into revamping your vehicle. You can rest assured we know how to deliver and your car is in good hands.

Enjoy a range of garage services including:

• Car servicing

• Tyre repairs

• Tyre replacement

• Clutch repairs

• Brake repairs

Contact us, let's get you back on the road. It's not early as expensive as you think.


For quality, yet affordable garage services in Bradford, call us on

 01274 637 854

• Engine repairs

• Exhaust system repairs

• Spring and shock absorber checks and repairs

• Car window repairs

• Alloy wheel refurbishment

• Full computer diagnostics

• Timing Belts

• Head gaskets

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